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Sláinte Volleyball Club

Sláinte Volleyball Club is a non-profit volleyball club offering competitive and developmental programs for boys and girls ages 8 to 18. Sláinte also sponsors nine man volleyball teams.

Sláinte is an Irish word meaning “health” and is pronounced “SLAWN-cha.” As a salute, it means “Cheers!” or “To your health!"


Sláinte Volleyball Club is dedicated to helping players develop strong volleyball skills in a fun and competitive atmosphere. Sláinte is also committed to helping each player develop the qualities of a good teammate, to have a positive attitude, to exercise a strong work ethic, to support and respect other players and to have confidence in himself/herself and in his/her team.


Sláinte Volleyball Club was founded in 2001 by Nga Tran and Margi Beima with just one girls power team. Over the following five years, Slainte grew to 3 teams and then 5, 8, 13 and 18 teams. Currently, Slainte has more than 20 girls teams and 4 to 6 boys teams annually. In 2017  Sláinte Ryan Fickenscher joined as a director to help guide the burgeoning interest in the club.  We credit our knowledgeable and positive coaches for creating an environment where players develop their skills and enjoy the experience.